The moose / Moose safari

Our region is known for the king of the forest, the moose!
Every year, the moose go on a long migrating travel to get to summer’s rich food supply. During winter they stay where the food supply is good and where they feel protected. In the forest around Svansele there are lots of food and it is a big forest area, we have a lot of migrating moose. It is also a river valley where two rivers meet, Malån river and Skellefteåriver. It is very common that guests get to see the moose in its right and wild habitat. On our moose safaris, we head out to our forests where we believe the moose are. The search for moose in different locations makes each visit unique.

It is also possible to see the moose up close in our wilderness exhibition where the moose with about 600 other stuffed animals are ready to be explored. We have eleven rooms and all have different themes with animals that relate to each theme. It both smells and feels like nature. reflexsele


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