Svanseles wilderness exhibition

With us you can experience Sweden’s largest wilderness exhibition and wild animal collection. This exhibition is in Svansele Wilderness Center and is located 25km from Jörn. Everything you see in the exhibition has history in the nature around the tails harness.

We have 11 rooms that all have themes with over 680 animals:

Autumn, winter land, spring, summer land, trapping, fishing, the bay, the raft, the weapons room, the aspen room and also the conference room.

All rooms must feel genuine and real. Therefore, the rooms smell like nature, they are decorated with genuine woods and when you step into the winter it should feel like you are in the winter. Experience all the rooms and feel the natural feeling!

Go through the exhibition with one of our guides and hear all the stories about the amazing nature and wildlife we ​​have in the area.

Our wilderness exhibition is the perfect start or end to a stay with us.

You can also book for dinners or lunch in our exhibition. All food here is cooked over open fire!

If you want to add more experiences or adapt to your wishes, you can contact us and we will help you to your desired adventure.