Our new addition to our wilderness lodging. Önusstugan is our lodge and is ideal for all occasions. A cozy furnished hunting lodge with gas kitchen, large dining area and fireplace. It is located in the middle of the pine forest a few kilometers from Jörn. To Önusstugan you book fun activities, baths and saunas and has room for 12-14 beds distributed on the large cottage and a smaller dormitory. In the evening, the torches that are placed around the area light up which gives a magical atmosphere when the night comes. The lake is warm and comfortable in the summer.

We are transparent when we say that it is a real wildlife experience. It is a high coziness factor and also a fantastic experience. But you must also be prepared that it is not like walking around the city, but instead you walk in deep snow in winter and you are also quite exposed to what the wilderness has to offer. It also means that you have a great chance to get close to nature and what it has planned for your particular evening. Northern Lights?

Önusstugan is one of our unique wilderness facilities and is booked only upon request. It does best with one or more of our wilderness experiences.

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