New electric snowmobiles

We have ordered 20 electric snowmobiles

The winter season 2022, the first and largest fleet of electric snowmobiles in Swedish Lapland will hopefully land in Jörn. We are very much looking forward to being able to offer quiet moose safaris and snowmobile tours where the sounds from nature and the animals play a larger and significant role in the tours.

The benefits of electric snowmobiles are many. They are largely silent when the engine noise is gone, they do not smell exhaust fumes and they are energy efficient. The biggest advantage is that our snowmobile rides are now sustainable! We see it as a great responsibility to be able to take care of animals and nature. This is just one step closer for us to take our guests on completely fossil-free adventures.

This will be a sustainable and quiet way to get out into our forests, to our wilderness facilities and our safaris. But many ask about the range and the battery in the cold? It is an advanced thermal system that prevents the battery from dropping more than 1-5% at -40 ° C. We see no obstacles to being able to ride a snowmobile during the coldest nights.

The snowmobiles are from the Taiga brand, which have become experts in battery and cold. Taiga Motors is from Canada and makes stylish and innovative snowmobiles that with an immediate response in torque and a high performance can withstand the difficult conditions of winter and nature. With an average speed of 60km / h, the range is up to 120km.

We have the privilege of living and working in a unique environment with a wilderness rich in wildlife. That is why it is important for us to take responsibility and always strive to become more climate-smart and reduce our environmental impact. Being the first player in Swedish Lapland to choose to invest in a complete fleet of electric snowmobiles, bookable from next season, feels really exciting, explains Daniel, CEO of Svansele Wilderness Center. (Visit Skellefteå, 2020)