Moose hunter’s village

Experience history in the moose hunter’s village outside Svansele.

2 km upstream from Svansele is an ancient village where you can get an insight into how people may have lived about 5000 years ago and onwards.

The moose hunter’s village is Västerbotten’s first ancient village, located on the northern shore of the Skellefteå River a few kilometers outside Svansele. Here, authentic stone age environment is depicted and opportunities are given to experience the tranquility of history. On land trampled by people thousands of years ago, settlement has been re-created with respect for the people who lived under extremely primitive conditions. Experience the ancient with all the senses, meet the past and yourself.

The image of the Stone Age that meets the visitors of the moose hunter’s village is as far as possible based on archaeological finds, but to put meat on the ancient bones, probabilities, guesses and assumptions based on comparisons with peoples who lived with Stone Age technology were also used in modern times.

The area displays a number of buildings and implements that archaeologists believe they looked like.