Skiing weekend

2 adults in a double room
Total per person: from 2529 SEK

Family room (2 adults, 2 kids 7-14 years)
Total = From SEK 7,359

(Train travel is not included in the price)


Snowmobile safari
The guide welcomes guests and is equipped with clothes and helmets. The guide provides a safety overview that shows how the snowmobiles work. We ride through gently winter-covered forest over sparkling icy lakes. Lunch is cooked over an open fire and eaten outdoors.

Moose safari
We in Svansele are known for the king of the forest, the moose! It is common for guests to see the moose in their true and wild habitat. We aim for a suitable destination in our forests where we believe the moose are. Lunch is cooked over an open fire and eaten outdoors

Snowmobile safari and visit our wilderness exhibition with stuffed animals and test the “Wilderness plate”
Snowmobile safari to Svansele Wilderness Center. While the guide prepares lunch by the fire, you have the opportunity to take a walk through our unique exhibition with 683 wild animals in 11 different rooms that look, smell and feel like the wild. Then lunch is ready to be served. The food served is our famous game board which contains meat from reindeer, moose and fish. The meat is served with potatoes, onions, carrots and our secret jam of herbs and berries from the forest.

Dog sledding
A half-day dog ​​sledding through Svansele’s forests with the dogs at Lappland Emotions. The ride is quiet and the only thing that can be heard is the sleigh ride on the snow. Enjoy winter-clad nature and look for animals that live in the forests. Pat, cuddle and laugh with the dogs.

You will learn to harness on and off the dogs. Also a safety review on how to do and what to do. Lunch is cooked over an open fire and eaten outdoors

Rent snowshoes
Rent snowshoes and try walking on snow. Walk around the forest near the hotel and walk freely in the forest. You can walk on prepared trails or powder snow for those who want a challenge. You will go on your own but the responsible staff at the hotel will of course help to make it feel safe and show you the map.

Rent a fatbike
Rent a fat bike and take a ride on the snow. Go around the forests near the hotel and go on prepared tracks.
The difference with ordinary trail bikes is that these are equipped with 10 cm wide tires, which gives them some incredible accessibility in the winter.


2 Breakfast
1 Lunch
2 Dinners
Accommodation 2 nights


Hotel Night in family room: 1795 sek / night
Hotel Night in a standard double room: SEK 1395 / night
Another day in the ski slope family: 2280 sek / (2 adults, 2 young 7-14 years)
Another day on the ski slope 625 sek / adult (Equipment/lunch/skipass)
Lunch day 2 (all activities include lunch) 195 sek / adult 95 sec / child

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