Daniel is basically a snowmobiling musician from Dorotea, Sweden, and has toured with the band. That life was partly replaced when Daniel and his family decided to buy a ski resort outside Jörn, the Storklinta ski resort. The music continues to live in Daniel and he still records music with his various bands. In 2018, he became the owner of the Svansele Wilderness Center and works daily to develop so that everyone will feel that they want to come to us. Daniel is also a partner with Jenny who together runs the Jörn Experience Hotel
Daniel has been sitting on a snowmobile since he was a child and has a long experience of not getting stuck. He can bring newcomers or the experienced and make everyone feel that they have had the adventure of their lives.
He also has a background in food and catering, hence he wants to have the best restaurant in the area and can combine everything from a luxurious three course dinner to the best outdoor lunch.