Conference with overnight stay

Do you want to confer with the wild animals of the forest?
In our conference hall, which is part of our exhibition, there are animals stuffed and the forest is symbolized. We can easily rebuild the hall into several group rooms with sliding doors made of wood and in the group rooms there are tables, chairs and screens for presentations.

For some time now, we have realized how stimulating and creative our guests become by sitting in a true-to-nature environment surrounded by animals.

This package includes
Conference room, Lunch, Exhibition, 5-match, dinner, accommodation and breakfast

The conference has all the necessities such as projector, pens, paper, speakers, various adapters and much more.
The food is cooked over an open fire and the dinner served is our famous wilderness plate with fish, potatoes, onions, moose and reindeer. The day ends with a tour of our fantastic exhibition, Sweden’s largest game collection with over 680 animals. Book a guided tour of the exhibition if you want to learn more about nature and the animals we have around us.
Challenge each other in a 5-match and see who is smart, agile or strong. Learn to work together.
Accommodation that we have available can be found under Hotel. Hotel for the more comfortable and wilderness accommodation for those who want to maximize the wilderness experience. If you want to live in our famous wilderness camp, transfer there will take place in a snowmobile sled.

We can easily package according to different wishes. Get in touch and we will arrange most things!

Contact us for a quote.


Coffee- coffee, tea, juice and cake
Conference room and its necessities
Entrance to the exhibition


Activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledding or quad

Guided tour of the exhibition

Transfer- Ask for information

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