Moose safari

The guide welcomes guests and they are equipped with clothes and helmets. The guide provides a safety overview are shown how the snowmobiles work. We will go thru the forest around Svansele and look for animals and if we are lucky maybe see the moose in the wild.

Lunch is cooked over an open fire and eaten outdoors. We will also take a short stop by Svansele flowing-watermeadow and the guide will tell you about this special place

Price vat incl.: 2330 sek p/p (1 persons / per machine) Price vat incl.: 1835 sek p/p (2 persons / per machine) The price applies per person with at least 4 people for booking

Children 6 – 12 years 900 sek (can not drive themselves)

What is included

  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • Fuel
  • Snowmobile


  • Warm clothes: SEK 270 / person
  • Fire-heated hot tub and sauna for up to 15 people SEK 4,480
  • Dinner: wilderness plate in the wilderness exhibition SEK 330 / person

Book your experience

Check with us on the booking and we will make your experience possible
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