We have plenty of trails and beautiful scenery for a cozy or exciting bike ride. If you want to ride a mountain bike in the deep forests for an exciting and action-packed ride then there is the opportunity. You can also cycle around the different villages along the roads.

We also provide Fatbikes that are adapted to ride in snow or difficult terrains. The difference with regular trail bikes is that these are equipped with 10cm wide tires which gives them little incredible accessibility in winter. Prepared snowmobile trails are of course the simplest, but even 10 cm of powder snow can get through for those who want a challenge.

The bikes are equipped with disc brakes, 24 gears and pedals with good grip. These are great for booking as a complement to our other activities or as the main activity for those cycling habits who want to challenge themselves with a longer trip through our forests.

With us there are maps and food as well as guided tours. If you want to add more experiences or adapt to your wishes, you can contact us and we will help you to your desired adventure.


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